As construction projects evolve in complexity, Stilcon Industrial Services stands as a dedicated provider of innovative scaffolding solutions, uniquely tailored to meet the distinctive requirements of each project. With an expert in-house team, we redefine the standards of efficiency, innovation, and safety in the construction industry.

Versatile Cranable Scaffolds for Project Precision

Our commitment to providing tailored solutions begins with the versatility of Layher Australia cranable scaffolds. These scaffolds prove advantageous in accommodating diverse project requirements, ensuring structural demands are met with flexibility and precision.

Spreader Beams, Handrail Systems, and Safety Measures

Beyond erecting scaffolds, we are raising the standards of efficiency, innovation, and safety. Our in-house team has ingeniously designed and engineered handrail systems for the exterior of Super T girders, enhancing on-site productivity and safety. By integrating handrail installation into the project’s design phase, we prioritize time and cost savings, risk reduction, and seamless access to working platforms. Safety remains paramount in our encapsulation solutions, carefully considered to facilitate finishing trades, protect workers, and prevent debris from falling onto lower levels.

Cantilevered Scaffold Walkways – Innovation for Safety and Accessibility

The cantilevered scaffold walkway is an innovative access solution designed to provide secure and convenient access over water bodies. In a recent project, our design spanned across the water, granting unrestricted access, and enhancing operational efficiency to various elevations. These walkways address unique site needs, enabling seamless barrier dismantling and contributing to the overall success of projects.

Unique Projects – Pedestrian Access Innovation

Our extensive experience and expertise stand out in tackling projects with challenging technical elements. A recent project, involved the removal of a level crossing and lowering the rail line underground, showcased our innovative solutions.


A Layher allround heavy duty bridge, designed for pedestrian access, was a first for any level crossing project in the southern hemisphere. Precise logistics and careful planning allowed us to position the bridge over a live railway line, achieving outstanding results within tight timeframes.

Revolutionising Lift Shaft Construction for Seamless Delivery

In the evolving landscape of level crossing projects, our encounters with lift shaft challenges prompted a fresh approach. Traditionally, constructing these pivotal elements onsite presented logistical hurdles tied to environmental factors, weather, and coordination with other trades. Seeking innovation, Stilcon Industrial Services collaborated with United Lifts to shift the paradigm.

Through cross-industry expertise, we successfully transitioned lift shaft construction offsite. Fabrication, painting, and assembly of the lift cage, steel structure, and cladding took place at our facilities. Each completed 30-tonne lift shaft underwent encapsulation, ensuring protection during transport and on-site installation.

Empowered Culture and Team Development

With over sixty full-time scaffolders, our team engages with each project from dispatch through to onsite operations. Our strong, empowered culture, built on trust, reliability, and respect, ensures seamless collaboration across teams. Committed to ongoing team development, we offer Verification of Competency Training opportunities, covering areas like Working at Heights, Safety Awareness, First Aid, and Level 3 OH&S. Additionally, our scaffolding team receives training in Elevated Working Platforms, Scissor Lifts, Forklifts, Manitous, and Rope Rescue.

In summary, Stilcon Industrial Services is not just a scaffolding provider; we’re a dedicated partner in construction excellence. Our commitment to safety, innovation, and efficiency drives us to deliver solutions that redefine industry standards and contribute to the success of every project.

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