How We Do It

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Make contact

Stilcon Industrial Services, Sales and Estimating Team, works with you to get an overview of the project, timelines and any special needs of the project.

Rapid response

Our Sales and Estimating Team will consult on your specific scaffold requirements ensuring a mutual understanding of what your project needs are.

Our Estimators will complete a Technical Enquiry Report (TER) to pass on to our Design Team.

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Customised design

Our Designers and Engineers will complete a preliminary drawing to the TER, which will be submitted to you for confirmation.

This preliminary drawing will then be used as the foundation for quoting.


Once the preliminary drawing has been agreed upon, the quotation for hire, labour and transport will be created and shared with you.

Once the quote has been agreed on, we will work to turn it into IFC (Issued for Construction) drawing.

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Agreement to proceed

Once the quote has been agreed to, the IFC drawings finalized and the contract has been signed (or purchase order issued), Stilcon Scaffolding will issue a work instruction.

The build

Once the work instruction is issued, dates will be locked in according to your project needs, with inventory, labour and transport all being scheduled accordingly.

All documentation including an OH&S management plan, SWMS, handover and dockets will be submitted at the start of the project and throughout, so that you have full transparency on the project at all times.

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Completed contract

All scaffolding will be removed from the project site by Stilcon Scaffolding.

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Stilcon Scaffolding now Stilcon Industrial Services

Stilcon Industrial Services

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