Queen Victoria Market Precinct Renewal

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Date Completed
December 2020 – April 2022
$450 million
Melbourne, Victoria
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Mirvac and Melbourne-based PDG entered into an agreement to develop the $333.5m build-to-rent project of 490 residences last year. The project sits alongside the $250 million Queen Victoria Market precinct renewal. Stilcon Scaffolding was engaged to provide the perimeter scaffolding and encapsulation for the structures team and finishing teams to work on.

Our Sales and Design & Engineering team needed to work to some unique requirements. They had to develop a plan that could have the scaffold built from Level 5 of the structure up to Level 10. They also had to carefully determine where to position tie locations which would still allow finish trades to work, while taking into consideration the encapsulation of the scaffold.

The team worked operationally with the Queen Victoria Markets to ensure that the markets could continue to operate as normal with the usual extensive logistics required to manage delivery traffic, visitor traffic and pedestrian traffic. 

The design and engineering of the high-level scaffolding had to take this into consideration as well as ensuring capacity for other trades to work behind the encapsulation.

Our Logistics and Operations team, working in conjunction with the Mirvac team had to develop a schedule to organise cranage and transport of our gear to both the north and south façade. This was required to ensure the logistics of both the delivery and the dismantle flowed smoothly and meet all stakeholders required deadlines.

As Mirvac is a privately owned company it was important that Stilcon Scaffolding understood the importance of safety to their stakeholders. Due to the high risk nature of the project it was important that the stakeholders were satisfied with the safety approach our team had put in place for the design and logistical delivery of working off Level 5.

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