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Date Completed
February 2020 – July 2020
$10 million
Maz Group
Melbourne, Victoria
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The client needed to remove all fire flammable cladding off the terminal building and the connecting hotel. The flammable cladding was all the way from the passenger side to the operational side of the airport. It was imperative to ensure the ongoing operation of the airport was not compromised during the life of the project.

Stilcon Scaffolding design and engineering team worked together with the client’s project management team to design specialised scaffolding that could work in unique places on the passenger side of the airport. The scaffold had to be built around the entrance and exit doors. The design needed to incorporate live traffic entering airport while keeping the project on track.

Stilcon Scaffolding supplied scaffolding to the operational side of the airport which was not visible to pedestrians. The team needed to understand the complexities of working with planes and service vehicles still in service, while building the scaffolding. 

These unique challenges were meet which ensured the client, Maz Group, was able to maintain their daily schedule, as they were working within a tight budget guideline provided by their client APAM.

The ingenuity of the Stilcon Scaffold design and engineering team working with the operations team was able to design a solution for each of the unique elements of this project. These elements included

  • working around an operational airport and carpark
  • structuring a scaffold at a great height with limited spaces to tie the scaffold too
  • build a platform for the recladding team to perform their tasks each day.

Stilcon Scaffolding is now the preferred scaffolding company for all Maz Groups projects at the Melbourne Airport.

We’re reliable, we’re respectful and we take responsibility. 


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