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December 2020 to April 2022
$250/$300 million
John Holland
Melbourne, Victoria
Glenroy Station Pedestrian Bridge -4
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The level crossing at Glenroy Road, Glenroy has been removed by lowering the rail line under the road. As well as removing the level crossing, the project has also built a brand-new Glenroy Station.

This project required the supply of a Layher scaffold pedestrian bridge spanning 18 metres from one side of the platform to the other. The Stilcon Scaffolding entire team worked together to create an innovation solution to developing this bridge as this had not been done before on any level crossing project to date, in the southern hemishpere. The DDA & BCC compliant Layher scaffold pedestrian bridge had two stretch stairs adjoined either side of the 18 metre span.

Stilcon Scaffolding also supplied a 33 metre extension to the platform, which the client required to be identical to the existing platform – was DDA & BCC compliant. Stilcon Scaffolding built this from Layher scaffold with the inclusion of unique application of paint, anti-slip substance and Tac Tiles – as required on all train platforms. Public access load-capacities of 5kPa were specified for all structures, with Stilcon designing, engineering, and self-performing all tasks end-to-end.

The delivery of this bridge required a crane, and was very technical and logistically very tight, as it required the Stilcon Scaffolding team to land the bridge across a live railway line with very tight timeframe and wind factor elements to consider. The Stilcon Scaffolding team managed the delivery of this bridge from the Stilcon Scaffolding warehouse to the Glenroy station site which required extensive traffic management.

Stilcon Scaffolding managed all safety elements of landing the bridge from start to finish working together across operations, sales, engineering, and design to deliver this outcome. The team delivered in full on time (DIFOT).

For the removal of the bridge, NWPA had a tight timeframe – which was so tight the client’s preference was to demolition the bridge as they believed this would be more efficient for their occupation. Stilcon Scaffolding felt this option was going to be more expensive than removal and assured NWPA that they could fulfil the requirements and meet the extremely tight deadline timeframes. As Stilcon Scaffolding had worked on other level crossing with NWPA they had built a strong working relationship.

This tight time frame created a very unique situation for Stilcon Scaffolding. The team had a 24-hour period of occupation from 12 am (the day after Anzac Day) to dismantle 18 meter bridge span and the stretcher stairs. They required the crane to have a different location to installation as there was now 14 metre cut between the layher bridge scaffolding and the original position of the crane. This took a significant amount of planning between the crane team and the operations team to co-ordinate such a dynamic lift of the bridge, ensuring they gave the scaffold team enough time to strip the stretcher access on both the east and west sides. Stilcon Scaffolding successfully managed the dismantle of the platform extension, the removal of the bridge and stretcher access, and clean up within the 24-hour period.

Stilcon Scaffolding supplied the plant and equipment of a 200-tonne crane to be onsite. All scissor lifts and boom lifts with a lifting study along with generators were owned and supplied by Stilcon Scaffolding for this part of the project.

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